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PostSubject: IN-GAME RULES   Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:54 pm

The following are the standard laws of the organization. This set of basic rules can be amended by officers prior to agreements concluded. Violation to any of these may result to one's reputation reduction or even ejection without due notice.

1. The <Immortal Soul> is an organization of different nationalities, we hold strict stance against anyone engaged in RACIST/RACISM activities in any form.
2. Exploiting, bugging, hacking and or cheating in the game are not accepted whereas members of the <Immortal Soul> are not allowed to party, interact, support or join people doing illegalities.
3. Gold Begging is not allowed in the guild.
4. Respect all the members of the guild especially those members with higher ranks.
5. Do not ask for rank promotions spontaneously. Promotions of our deserving members are based on the online officers' discretion, reviews, recommendations and unanimous approvals with respect to their timezone jurisdictions.
6. Prioritize the interests of the organization.
7. Members are not allowed to argue with fellow members in the event of a dispute or misunderstanding. An officer will automatically take charge of the situation and resolve the conflict.
8. Spamming the guild chat and the channels is forbidden. Use English in our guild chat all the time.
9. Request for Gems, Enchants etc politely. If necessary, provide the materials needed for these things or even give something in return.
10. Do not demoralize a member who's having thoughts to gank.
11. Respect all the GM's and Staffs of the server.
12. Do not leak our guild forums site to outsiders.
13. Demoting of members to the "slave rank" is a lighter way of officers dealing with people who committed less flagrant offenses to the guild.
14. Do not brag for raid/raid rush when members are pre-occupied with something else. Politely inquire if there is one currently or when shall be the next.
15. Do not blatantly bash donors. Remember, our organization has donors too.
16. The Guild Bank is a symbol of our unity. Abusers will be ejected from the guild instantly.
17. All the rules of the server shall be followed by all the members of any rank in The <Immortal Soul>.
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